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Launch Any App,Phone call,Chat

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Ai Launcher Help

• Our AI will detect how to launch any new app in a minutes.
• One tap will start chat with specific friend in WhatsApp, Messages, Viber, Skype, etc.
• Hide any app by your own custom iOS Home screen icon.
• Deep support for different kinds of apps. For example you can create icon to open your URL in Chrome or Firefox.
• Use widgets, 3D Touch menu, Siri Shortcuts or even own iOS home screen icons to launch our fantastic shortcut icons.
• We already can launch 100k different apps and every day our users ask our AI to ananlyise new trending apps. So can you.

With our launcher you can create custom icon for any application or action and start it from iOS home screen, Widget or 3D Touch menu. You did not limited to predefined list of supported apps. Our AI in a minutes can analyse how to launch any of your favourite apps. If application support external start we can launch it.

Moreover our system can do fast phone calls or directly open chat with your friend in messenger (WhatsApp,Viber,etc) or even create icons with up to date weather.

Shortcut icon can instantly launch for example WhatsApp with opened chat with your friend. No need to waste time to open WhatsApp, exit from current chat, find right one and start it. With one touch our app will do this for you.

Or you can create own iOS home screen icon for your favourite game or app. So no-one can guess that icon with flower can launch car race.

You can launch shortcut icons from:
• iOS homescreen
• Widget
• 3D Touch Menu
• On iOS 12 you can use voice dial via Siri Shortcuts
• And of course from our app
Or use all of them together.

Now we offer:
• Icons that instantly open any application.
• Folders and covers to structurize your icons.
• Icons for fast calls in: Phone, Facetime, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Skype.
• Icons for fast chat in: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Messages, Telegram, Viber, Skype, ICQ, Facetime, Facebook, VK, Sms and Email.
• Icons that instantly open person Contact Card from Address Book.
• Icons with Weather. You can view current weather on icons and forecast in app and in widget.
• We constantly add new types.

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Widget Web Widget Web app_icon
HTML WWW Page on Home-screen

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Widget Web Help

View web pages content in a widget on the iOS home screen.
The widget can automatically update the state of the web page. So you haven't missed any important information.
Choose a time interval to refresh the web page, or simply click on the widget to refresh it.
Customize the widget style to match your home screen wallpaper.
The functions of the widget can be customized by long pressing on it.

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Weather on Icon Weather on Icon app_icon
Current Weather on App Icon

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For the first time on iOS, you can find out the current weather just by looking at the application icon.

Choose how the weather will look on the app icon. Icon can be dark or light, or may just show temperature. It is your choice.

Our main goal is to make the weather forecast maximally convenient, understandable and accurate. Now you will know exactly what to expect from the weather.

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Counter Widget Counter Widget app_icon
Tally Count Widget and Clicker

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Counter Widget Help

Tally counter widget and app to count numbers of any kind.
Count: The water you drink, Push-ups, Cups of coffee, Steps ..... ∞

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QR Joke QR Joke app_icon
QR Code Jokes & Fun Prank

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Funny jokes with QR codes.
Now you can show cute and funny QR codes to others.
So everyone will laugh when they scan your QR joke.
We are constantly adding new QR jokes, stay tuned.

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