Ai Launcher Help

You can enable subtitles automatic translation in to your language using menu: ⚙︎ -> Subtitles -> Auto-Translate


 Setup iOS 14 widgets and define custom background for them

 iOS 14 widgets customize icon size and font

 Organise shortcuts and contacts with folders in iOS 14 widgets

Full Video Review of the App

 Full Video Review of the App

How to:

 Create shortcut icon for Fast Phone Calls

How to add icon to iOS Homescreen

Launch your icons from Widget, iOS Homescreen, 3d Touch Menu

 Launch your icons with Siri

 Create shortcut icon to open Contact Card from Address Book

 How to rearrange icons in app

 Create icon with current Weather

 Create shortcut icon for iMessage (Messages)

 Create shortcut icon for WhatsApp

How to override (hide) icon for some app. For Example hide WhatsApp Icon

 Create shortcut icon for Facebook Messanger

 Create shortcut icon for Viber

 Create shortcut icon for Telegram Messenger

 Create shortcut icon for Skype

 Create shortcut icon for ICQ

 Create shortcut icon for Facetime

 Create shortcut icon for VK (ВКонтакте)

 Create shortcut icon for Facebook App

What to do if icon did not work as you expect

I can't make a call via FaceTime. System prompted to call, but when click Call, nothing happens.

Make sure you are logged in to an account in FaceTime application.

Why I can't create an icon for my favorite application?

We are actively developing the application. Please email us at and we try to support it.


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